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My name is Tegan, I live in Havant, Hampshire with my partner and our 2 gorgeous cats.
I have been shooting professionally for 12 years and I wouldn't change it for the world. After Uni I moved into London and started shooting property. AirBnb's, Designers, Estate Agents, It was amazing. Gorgeous homes with beautiful interiors. It's definitely where I get my interiors obsession from.
I began shooting weddings by second shooting for other photographers and I instantly knew I had found my calling.

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You should do your research when looking for your photographer. Maybe even wait until you've booked your venue incase their style doesn't fit. You need to know what you want, and if you don't, start looking at options. USB? Online Gallery? Prints? All day? Documentary? Highly Styled? Once you've got an idea, if you think I might be for you. Drop me an email and I'll send you my client guide and book in a phone call.



Oh the powers of zoom! Skype, Zoom, Teams, they're all the same thing. Let's get booked in and let me see your gorgeous faces whilst you can see mine. My initial phone call is to chat, it allows me to find out how you met, what makes you tick, the kind of couple you are and the kind of wedding celebration you are aiming for. Once we've done that, we can talk bookings.


If you decide after our initial chat that I'm for you then I will send you my contract and an initial quote. You can tell me which package you're interested in and I can send you the quote with an estimate of travel expenses and the deposit info. I send all my couples an 'upon booking questionnaire' it gives me the basics of the day and helps me to know what i'm booking.


If you are having a pre wedding shoot, or you have gone for my Satin or Silk package then we will discuss the kind of shoot you are after. They act as a perfect way of getting to know me, and me helping you become comfortable with the camera. We can book this months ahead of your wedding, even the year before. I always try and aim for a different season to your wedding. Its always nice to have nice photos.


Once you've booked me, and once your pre wedding shoot is done, things tend to go bit quiet between client and photographer. However I try to make sure this doesn't happen. Instagram is an amazing way for us to stay in touch, I get to see the build up to your wedding and you get to see the kind of day to day work I have and do.

06. 3 Weeks Prior

3/4 weeks prior to your wedding I will send you your final questionnaire. This needs to be as detailed as possible as it's how I write up my timetable for the day. I ask questions like the address the bride is getting at, and the timings of the day. I also ask for a list of your group shots that you would like me to take on the day.


Once I have received your detailed questionnaire I compile all the information you have provided me and any original notes I Madde when speaking to you both to create a digital timetable for myself. The timetable helps remind me of key times throughout your day, it lists your must have family group photographs and anything else I might need to remember. 


The night before all my weddings I prepare my camera gear and make sure i'm all ready for the big day. This means charging all my equipment, formatting my cards, packing my bags, double checking everything and grabbing my bag of food, my pink lucozades and filling my car up.

I don't like to take chances doing this the morning of the wedding, my car gets packed and I leave.


It's the day! YAY I will be with you promptly. I usually dress pretty snazzy for a wedding. Ive normally always got a dress on, longer so if I need to roll around on the floor photographing kids or guests I can. 

I will probably be sporting trendy clean trainers just because being on my feet for 12-14 hours can be sore on the toes. 

All you need to do today is enjoy yourself.


Once I have left you partying into the early hours of your wedding nights, I head home. Once I'm home I instantly back your photographs up to two different hard drives along with another folder on my iMac. I begin editing the very next day (unless I have another wedding).


Between 1-5 days after your wedding I will deliver a very special highlights folder of your photographs. This normally consists of around 20 images from your day including before, during and after the ceremony. You can download the album or just individual photos to share on your social media. TAG ME :D


6-8 weeks after your wedding you will receive a wonderful email from me with details on how to enter your own private gallery. Inside that private gallery will be a huge selection of beautifully edited photographs from your big day. Its time to share with your friends and family and enjoy them forever more.

It's a journey with all of my clients

I've shot for big names and small. Intimate weddings and huge lavish family celebrations. No wedding is the same, some of them aren't even slightly similar. But my work is consistent. My attitude to my clients is passionate and the relationships I build with people last. Being a part of someones wedding isn't just a day thing. It's a whole process. A process of discovery, meetings, phone calls, emails, pre wedding shoots, idea juggling, the wedding, the after texts, the delivery and hopefully the many celebrations after the wedding.


If you're that couple that enjoys looking at those wild instagram wedding photographs, it doesn't need to be a distant dream. Smoke bombs in long grass, sunset shots, fireworks, sea dips, lake swims, sand angels, the list is endless and you can do anything on your wedding day. We can make it happen together!


If you're that couple that enjoys looking at those wild instagram wedding photographs, it doesn't need to be a distant dream. Smoke bombs in long grass, sunset shots, fireworks, sea dips, lake swims, sand angels, the list is endless and you can do anything on your wedding day. We can make it happen together!

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I. Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

My travel expenses are Included in my pricing up to 100 miles away from Havant.

II. Can we do an activity for our engagement session?

YES! I love REAL shoots. We can do anything you enjoy doing as a couple. Arcades, bowling, beach walks, picnics. Anything you like. Let's get creative.

III. We want to include our dog into the ceremony and photos, is that okay?

Absolutely! I love anything like this. I also log dogs.. and cats. If your dog comes on the day I'll be sure to take you off for a super special photoshoot.

IV. How long does it take to recieve the photos after the wedding and how will those be delivered?

Your previews album will be online within 2-5 days. This will be a few highlights of your big day. The rest will arrive between 4-6 weeks after the wedding via a private online gallery. Perfection takes time.

V. Do you offer prints, or frames with your packages?

Yes, some of my packages include prints. I also offer add-on's that my clients can choose after their wedding or photoshoot.

I love my job

I love my job